Everwake is the rich tale of original dynamic characters as they face the challenges in an ever-changing topsy-turvy world; filled with a lush mixture of love, devotion, betrayal, personal and physical struggles, and a creepy "alice in wonderland" feel that will leave readers at the edge of their seats.
Highly influenced by anime and manga stylization, with wisps of my love for steampunk and creepy surreal worlds. 

The books are a mixture of a written novel with the visual additions of manga (comic) pages and poetic scenic imagery that help to tell the tale. 
(Contain mature content, blood, gore, and plenty of light-hearted humour and fun, with a typical manga/anime edginess.) 

Everwake - synopsis 

Avi Fayt is a normal girl, living in a normal village in the mountains away from the rest of the world. Life was simple, safe... boring...
... until she begins to realize she may not be so normal after all.
Joined by her animal counter-part, the three-tailed fox, Keero, her life is changed forever when she is whisked away into a world she never could have imagined after a chance encounter with the mysterious green-eyed boy, Zevryx Skye, who seems to carry darkness with him wherever he goes.
In an epic search for answers, Avi, Keero, and Zevryx embark on an adventure of growth, tribulations, betrayal, and love, in a neo-victorian fantasy land of magic and mystery; where they realize that life may not be what it seems, and try to survive the clutches of the mythed Dark Queen... and from themselves. 

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