Sunday, March 2, 2014

Everwake Book Update! (+ Sketch Dump)

Every time someone asks me where they can read "Everwake" I get a little flutter of excitement in my stomach. It's just so cool to know that others are interested and are waiting to read this creation that I have poured so much attention into. It has become such a huge part of my world and I am very excited to soon be sharing it with the world. 

So, an Update!
I still don't know exactly When the first Chapter will be released. I am currently still writing Book III and I am polishing up on my artwork for the release of Book I. I have about five art books all full now, but I just want my artwork to be up to some better quality and I feel that it's getting close to a level I feel good about. 
So a bit more polishing, a bit more editing for Book I, and the release of Chapters will begin in the next month or two I'm sure! 

Thank you so much for everyone's interest and support with this project! 

Here, enjoy a few WIP sketches--both old and new. ;) 

And don't forget to check out all the current artwork on Deviantart!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Air Pirate Crew

I wanted to play around with background and style to develop my own style for the story. Well, I ended up spending entirely too many hours on this to the point I said "that will do". This piece still isn't quite what I wanted--namely because of the background, but one day I'll master backgrounds much better. And in the mean time it's practice. 
Either way, here is the Sky Pirate crew of the airship "The Black Ange" 

"Sweet Dreams are Made of This"

Decided to play around a bit with those the two images that mirrored both sides of the "Everwake", and made them into one. 
Both of these images were influenced by the song "Sweet Dreams"- the first "light side" by Emily Browning (Suckerpunch soundtrack)'s version; and the second influenced by Marilyn Manson's version of the song.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Where Dreams Whisper Reflections of Reality"

Two new pieces of artwork for the series! 
Reflecting the two sides of the Everwake plain. 

The Everwake is described as a place "Where Dreams Whisper Reflections of Reality"

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Road to Matra"

Finally, not a character reference sheet! ;) 
Here is a piece I randomly felt like doing, to sort of capture the dynamics of the relationship between these three and the contrast. Enjoy! 

As always, please click through to Deviantart for the good quality version ;)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Zevryx Skye, the Mechan

Zevryx Skye's full body reference. Zevryx is a "mechan" or bio-mechanical being. But, he was not always this way, a series of unfortunate events led to this change, making him the first bio-mechanical human ever to exist. The story as to how it happened, however, you'll have to wait for the release of the first chapters ;)

As always, please click through to Deviantart for better quality ;)

Air Pirate Crew

So many new Character Profiles done! 
Sharing today: the Air Pirate Crew of the airship the "Black Ange" 

Be sure to click through to Deviantart for much better versions--upload quality on blogger is quite awful--and you can actually read their bios clearly there as well ;)